WOWK-TV Internship Program

Internships at WOWK-TV are for full-time Juniors and Seniors in 2-4 year colleges and universities. Interns receive college credit and are without financial compensation. We allow one-full-semester internship per student. The minimum hours worked are 10 weeks, 12 hours per week. The length of the Internship and the number of hours awarded for the work is made in accordance with university policies. As we consider resumes, we attach the same standards that we use when hiring staff.

To apply, students should submit a resume and a cover letter, stating the department in which they want to intern. Internship positions are usually available in News Reporting, I-Team Reporting, Sports, Photography, Production, Promotion, Graphic Arts, Web Site Development, Sales & Marketing, Public Affairs and Broadcast Engineering. Information is also required from the student's faculty advisor stating the length of the internship and that they will receive credit before any internship is made final.

Once the information is received from the student, it is forwarded to the appropriate department head. They will then decide if they need or want to set up an interview for internship. When an intern comes on board, the student's name, school information, liability waiver, and EEO 1 form must be signed by the intern, and are kept in the Public File.

WOWK-TV periodically sends internship information to local colleges, universities, and trade schools to be placed on their bulletin boards with information about the availability of internships in various departments.

Winter Internship December 15th
Spring/Summer Internship March 15th
Fall Internship July 15th


Apply for an internship by mail, send cover and resume to:

PO Box 11848

Charleston, WV 25301

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