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Authorities Continue To Search For Lonnie Eplin Of Lincoln County

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Home video of Lonnie Eplin of Lincoln County is now evidence.  His in-laws from Ohio reported him missing in March of 1997.
"In my mind I believe some people said he left, but I really believe someone did do Lonnie in," said Oma Baisden, Eplin's former mother-in-law.
Trooper First Class D.C. Brinegar in Lincoln County says the case quickly turned into a homicide.
"The people that were responsible for his death disposed of him through feeding of pigs.  I do know that the State Police brought in crime scene teams and special units to process certain pig pens and live stock areas," said Brinegar.
He said nothing was found.  Then in 2009 the case was re-opened for a second time. The trooper says investigators received information Eplin's body had been dumped in the well of a house.
"We sent cameras down into the well.  We also sent troopers into the well and ended up actually digging up the well and were unable to find anything else," said Brinegar.
He said case is intriguing, baffling and frustrating.
"It seems like every time you get information that seems promising, once you start working on it and seems like it gets better and better and more promising to where you may find an end, the end you reach is a dead end," said Brinegar.
Investigators are now looking for that missing piece of the puzzle that Brinegar hopes will link all the evidence to together. And finally solve the mystery of the disappearance of Lonnie Eplin.

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