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High school fight caught on cell phone video; parents, school officials speak out

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Cell phone video appears to show two girls punching, rolling on the floor and one appears to kick the other in the head.  It was all caught on camera in the girl's locker room at Point Pleasant High School on Tuesday. 

13News received the video from a concerned parent, who wanted to remain anonymous.  The parent stated, "our children are in danger."

Reporter Kelly Brennan investigated the matter by meeting with Principal William Cottrill.  He said the fight happened during Physical Education class and the video is "disheartening."

"We've had fights, usually it never involves kicking. I think that is why this is brought to an even more severe level since there is kicking involved," said Cottrill.  His assistant principal handled the matter Tuesday while Cottrill was not in the office; Cottrill said the incident will most likely lead to suspension, as well as a recommendation for counseling.  The school has a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior.

Another parent, asked also to remain anonymous, met with Brennan Wednesday to share her fear.  She said her children tell her about numerous fights that have happened this school year. "The fights that go on up there, my daughter has pinpointed everywhere they can fight because they don't have to worry about teachers or officers checking on them and they know they aren't being watched," she said.  "What happened in that gym should've never happened."

Cottrill stated he wants every student to feel safe.  "It's a shame something like that takes place.  That is not representation of what we stand for."  For the past two years, Cottrill has worked with a multi-cultural team to talk to students about bullying, harassment and violence.  Looking closely at data over the past few years, Cottrill said fights occur most in the month of December.

"I can tell you that we have not had very many fights this school.  Especially considering we are a 7-12 school with 1,200 students.  All fights were investigated and dealt with according to the Mason County Code of Conduct."

Cottrill refers to the cell phone video as an isolated incident at the high school .

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