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Finding A Family: Hailey, Mary, Geneva and William's Story

"They're very high energy kids, very sweet kids," said foster care case worker Kate Garlick. "Mary and Hailey are a lot closer, Will and Geneva kinda hang out a lot."

Four siblings, each unique in their own way.

But they share a special bond, along with their beautiful blue eyes, and angelic faces.

"They don't really like to be separated from each other, they're always together, they go to daycare together," Garlick said. "The only times they're apart is when they're at school. They've always been with each other, they haven't been separated since they've been at our agency, so we really like to make sure they keep their ties with their family."

At eight years old, Hailey is the oldest in the family.

"So are you kind of the leader of the family then?" I asked her. "Yeah," she said with a smile. "How does that make you feel?" "Happy."

Mary is next, at six years old although she's trying to grow up fast.

"How do you like kindergarten?" I asked her. "I don't like it!" "Why not?" "'Cause I want to go to first grade!"

Geneva or "Gigi" as her siblings call her is a big McDonalds fan.

"Chicken nuggets and hamburgers!" she said.

And William, the baby, may have been born into an all girl family but he is definitely all boy!

So what kind of family would it take to provide the love and care these children need?

"Someone that has a lot of time and energy for four of them," Garlick said. "The oldest girls are a big help, they do help out a lot, and even Geneva helps out a lot. Will's a lot of high energy, so they all need a lot of attention and a lot of care."

Like all kids, balloons and ice cream will put smiles on their faces even though getting through the holidays is hard without a mom and dad.

"They've had a lot of rough things go on," Garlick said. "So they definitely need somewhere that's loving and safe and provide a good home for them."

If you're interested in adopting Hailey, Mary, Geneva or William, or any other child in the state, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL-MWV. Or you can send an email to "". You can also learn more about adoption in the Mountain State online at

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