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E-book sales booming after Christmas presents are opened

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There may be a reading revolution under way.

At least 7 million e-readers were sold during the holiday season.

Jamie Cook is one of the millions of people who unwrapped an e-reader for Christmas.

"For me, getting an e-reader came down to was I was out of storage. I read about a book a week and just didn't have room to store anymore," said Cook of Huntington.

He got a Kindle Fire.

Forrester Research estimates since November, Amazon sold 5 million Kindle Fires. Rival Barnes & Noble sold an estimated 2 million Nook Tablets.

And libraries across the state are seeing the fruits from those sales.

"Fully 10 percent of our circulation since August was in last week...after the Christmas and other holidays. Wow," said Mary Hogue, Library Services Manager for Reference Services at the West Virginia Library Commission

Hogue says they've taken about 50 requests from people just within the last week who wanted to sign up to check out e-books.

About 20-25 percent of those are books geared to young people.

"I don't know if it's a revolution or not because we're right at the edge of it and this is something so completely new," said Hogue.

And people are beginning to see this difference at shops like Moxxee Coffee in Charleston, where e-readers are freely available to customers to read while there.

"It cuts down on clutter. Normally, you have magazines and newspapers around. With these, we can have any magazine or newspaper we want," said T.J. Baldwin, owner of Moxxee Coffee.

Sales of e-readers do not include tablets like the iPad2.

While iPads also can download books, they are considered a multi-use electronic device, which do not have the glare-proof screen.

While print books still account for about 80 percent of the market, e-readers make it a great time to be a reader -- no matter where you are.

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