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Parent says her child's life was threatened at Logan County school

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It is an instinct for parents to want to protect their children.

But some parents in Logan County say their complaints about bullying against their children have gone unanswered.  

The parent of a student at Logan High School and the parent of another student at Man High School both contacted 13 News about their concerns. However they asked to remain anonymous so that their children would not be made more of a target.

"Thursday at school my child's life was threatened," said the parent of a student at Logan High School. She said her son has been harassed for more than 5 years. "He comes home in tears every day because he can't go down the hallway without them trying to fight with him."

The woman said she has followed the chain of command by reporting the problems to several school officials. But she says very little has been done to protect her son.

"I want peace. I want my child to be able to go to school in peace," the Logan County parent said.

The parent of a student at Man High School said her daughter has been bullied since August.

"My child is not safe at school. I don't feel she is safe at school and she doesn't feel she is safe at school," the woman said.

The parent said a gang of girls who call themselves "the Flock" has been targeting her daughter in the halls and online. The mom even pays for an internet service called Social Shield to help her monitor bullying directed at her daughter.

"Monday night alone my daughter was harassed to the point that I got fourteen pages of documentation of threatening facebook and cyber bullying comments," the woman said.

Both parents agreed that after years of getting no where with their complaints they've had enough.

"Bullying is a serious problem and if you don't take it serious no one else is going to take it serious," said the Man High School parent.

13 News contacted Logan County Superintendent Wilma Zigmond. She declined to comment on any specific incidents but said the county is following their bullying policies.

The West Virginia Legislature is considering a bill this session that would provide training to teachers or anyone in contact with students. It would include how to detect warning signs of bullying and assist with suicide prevention.


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