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GW students celebrate digital learning day with Globaloria in Charleston

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Usually, talking to friends in a classroom and playing games will get you on the fast track to the principals office.

But Wednesday at George Washington High School in Charleston, students taking part a special technology program got a visit from a former governor.

George Washington High School students were hard at work, taking part in what's called Globaloria. "Globaloria. I don't know where to start with globaloria. It's a class that models the real world," said Karen Kail, a Globaloria teacher.

It's different than most classrooms. "There's no such thing as cheating. We call that collaboration," said Kail.

Students were on their own for the most part. They were working with each other to design, yes, video games. "We're proud that this started in West Virginia," said former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton.

Caperton visited the classroom, talking briefly with the students about why this work is so important and how the educational fundamentals are changing. "They're reading writing, math and technology skills," Caperton said.

The program, Globaloria, was started by Caperton's wife Idit, an M-I-T graduate.

While the kids were making video games, they were not making just any video game. "The purpose of this program is so you can create games that are fun and educational," said Kail.

Many of the games tackle the environment, cyber bullying and even advanced math problems.

The self-directed program isn't just in West Virginia classrooms, it's in Texas, Florida and California, too.

Globaloria was celebrated as part of Wednesday's Digital Learning Day. It was a day to focus on a new way to teach today's tech savvy students.

"Anyone can learn this. It just takes time," Kail said.

Nationwide, there are 2,000 students in more than 60 schools taking part in programs just like this one.

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