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Marshall University study may lead to advancement in prostate cancer treatments

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Marshall University conducted a study that may help scientists develop new treatments for the most common malignancy in American men- prostate cancer.

The study focused on the effects of cadmium on the prostate. It was conducted by Dr. Pier Paolo Claudio, an associate professor in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program and Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the university's Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. An international team of colleagues from the University of L'Aquila and the National Cancer Institute in Italy, and the University of Colorado Denver and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the United States assisted in the study.

According to Cladio, scientists think cadmium may be a factor in causing prostate cancer. Cadmium is commonly used in electroplating, is found in batteries and some paints, and is in cigarettes and some food supplies.

"In our study, we investigated the effects of cadmium exposure in normal and in tumor cells derived from human prostate tissue," he said. "We were able to demonstrate the molecular mechanisms cadmium uses to induce carcinogens in the prostate."

Claudio has spent the last 15 years conducting research to understand cancer progression and prevention. He says the study is important because once those molecular mechanisms are understood, new therapies can be tailored to treat prostate cancer.

"The focus of work in our laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms governing malignant transformation in order to tailor novel therapeutic strategies. To effectively design novel biological drugs, a thorough understanding of the mechanism of cancer pathogenesis is required. Our study will contribute to the body of knowledge available to science and may lead to exciting new treatments for this common cancer," Claudio added.

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