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Kanawha County school program idea scrutinized by some

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A program to transform the lives of so-called disruptive students in Kanawha County is getting a lot of scrutiny.

The idea would have 12 students, who need special attention attending an 8-week program at Kanawha City Elementary.  It is called the "Chance Program."

Some parents say they do not like the idea of placing those students at Kanawha City Elementary.

"It's just not fair to the students that will be involved.  They're going to be crammed into small quarters and they're not going to get the teaching and the help that they need," said Shane Hudnall, a parent.

"I don't think they should put them in any present elementary (school).  I think they should give them help in their own facility.  We have facilities," said Kanawha County School Board President Pete Thaw.  Thaw however supports the concept of helping the students who need special attention.

Board members plan to discuss the idea further in the future.

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