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Pratt residents get warning about water

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Residents in Pratt received a notice this week that their water is contaminated.

The notice said that the levels of haloacetic acid in the water exceed the acceptable level.

The amount of the contaminate cannot exceed a measurement of 60, but the average of 4 readings over a year in Pratt found a level of nearly 66. So the Kanawha Charleston Health Department said the town had to warn it's residents.

Juanita Day said she was ready to move when she saw the notice. It warned that in large amounts over an extended period of time haloacetic acid can damage the liver, kidneys and nervous system. The notice also warned residents that it may increase their risk of getting cancer.

Water plant operator Steve Hopkins said the level of the contaminate is an average, and one high reading out of four taken over the year is elevating the average.

Pratt Mayor Gary Fields said the safety of the people who live here in Pratt is his top priority and everything possible is being done to keep them safe.

Resident John Fowler said despite the warning he isn't worried.

"Sometimes we drink bottled water. Sometimes we drink the tap water. But we have good water here and I don't have any concern," Fowler said.

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