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Marshall professor and committee to define the standards of a designer drug

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A professor at Marshall University has been named as a core committee member of a group that could help West Virginia legislators in the fight against designer drugs.

Dr. J. Graham Rankin is a professor of the Marshall University Forensic Science Graduate Program and is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Evaluation of Controlled Substance Analogs (ACECSA), according to a press release from Marshall University.

The committee will evaluate non-controlled substances that are chemically similar to a controlled substance and intended for human consumption, such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana. The group will develop scientific criteria that will determine if a new compound has potentially dangerous compounds and define those chemicals that are not federally regulated.

The committee consists of 19 members from local, state, federal, academic and private forensic laboratories.

Rankin is chair of the Subcommittee on Literature Support which that finds scientific evidence on the effects and synthesis of these compounds. 

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