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Finding A Family: Courtney's Story

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Although she likes male country music artists, like Jason Aldean, this beautiful young girl resembles Taylor Swift.

"You like pink, don't you?" I asked Courtney. "Yeah, I like bright colors."

Sixteen-year-old Courtney is like any other teenage girl.

"What do you to do for fun?" I asked her. "Go shopping and hang out with my friends," she said.

So we met at the mall for lunch and a little shopping spree.

"Are you a sparkle girl?" "Yeah."

But what stands Courtney apart from other teens her age, is that she's looking for a family.

"Just to have somebody there for you," she said.

And because of her experiences, she's wanting to get her law degree, to help other children.

"What made you want to be a lawyer?" I asked her. "Just being around the situation I've been in."

"If you had to describe your personality, what would you say you're like?" I asked her. "Pretty laid back," she answered.

"What makes you laugh?" "Being embarrassed!" she said with a laugh!


Courtney is looking for legal guardianship and not legal adoption. Here's a brief summary of both from the DHHR's "A Guide to Permanency":

Legal guardianship: is when a judge gives permanent legal and physical custody of a child to someone other than the birth parents. Parental rights of the birth parents do not have to terminated. The legal guardian(s) must be or become a certified foster parent. The child's name can be legally changed. Adoption: is a process where a person assumes the parenting for a child. All rights and responsibilities permanently transfer from the original parents to the adoptive parents. It is as if the child had been born to the adoptive parents. Final adoption must be approved by the court. The relationship is lifelong and does not end when the child becomes an adult.

If you're interested in adopting Courtney or any other child in the state, call Mission West Virginia at 1-866-CALL-MWV or you can email them at ADOPT@MISSIONWV.ORG.

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