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Activists, miners sound off at Kanawha State Forest

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Activists from the group RAMPS (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival) organized a rally at Kanawha State Forest Saturday morning.

RAMPS is an organization that says it wants to end strip mining, which they say has a negative effect on the environment and people's health.

They intended to plan their protest, which happened at the Hobet 21 Surface Mine in Boone County.

More than 50 RAMPS protesters gathered at the Kanawha State Forest to discuss strategy and voice their opinions about environmental policy.

But the group was met by more than a hundred coal mining supporters, who found out about the event only a few hours before it began.

The two parties took opposing sides of the street. At first, tensions ran high, as some people shouted their beliefs. But eventually, the rally digressed into a calmer dialogue.

About a dozen state troopers monitored the rally to ensure protests remained peaceful.

State police arrested one RAMPS protester at the beginning of the rally.

They say they arrested three more activists who chained themselves to machinery at the Hobet mine later Saturday afternoon.

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