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Community glad to see union workers back on the job at Constellium


Nearly 700 people are back to work in Ravenswood.

Many of the folks we spoke with say the compromise between Constellium Rolled Products and Local 5668 affects more than just those 700.  They say it's about community.

"I'm delighted they're back", said Jennifer Plyburn.  "The community was really concerned because it's the heart of the community.  The children in the school, the people who work in this area depend a lot on the plant being in operation."

Jennifer is a teacher in the town.  She says many of her students were concerned about their parents being out of a job.

 "That would come up every day in school and they would mention it about their parents.  So I'm glad for them.  If it hadn't of been resolved, they might have had to have left the area.  That would have affected large numbers of families," Plyburn said. 

Jennifer and her husband Jim love the town they live in.  They say other businesses were affected in Ravenswood before a compromise was made.

"Some other folks in the area who have restaurants were affected by the strike as well.  So they're gearing back up for work and taking things into the plant for lunchtime," said Jim Plyburn. 

This family tells us that in the end, it's all about family, no matter what side of the fence you stand on.

"Just know that it's kind of necessary sometimes to try and get what you need for your family.  The community supported them in what they did, but we're glad that it's over now and they can get back to work," said Jim. 

Kyle Lorentzen, the CEO of Constellium Rolled Products told us today in a written statement that the company is looking forward to resuming progress at the plant.  

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