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WV residents share thoughts on latest Gallup Poll: do you trust local, state government?

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Do you trust your local and state government?

According to a new Gallop Poll, on average 74 percent of Americans trust their local government and 65 percent trust their state government.

Trust in state government has essentially returned to levels seen before the financial crisis after falling to as low as 51 percent in 2009, according to the same poll.

Residents in Putnam County shared their thoughts about local and state government. "You don't have to spend as much money to be elected at the state and local level and I think it's money that kind of dirties up the whole process," said Gary Smith of Hurricane.

A voter in Jackson County also had positive things to say. "West Virginia isn't as bad as some other states so I believe people are acknowledging that, and I guess there's a concentration of people working together to improve upon things," said Zach Harmon of Ravenswood.

The Gallop Poll concluded that Americans are in a better mood about conditions in the U.S. now than at any time during the last three years. Trust in state and local government is the highest it has been in the last decade.


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