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Principal questions lunch portions

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Recent moves to get kids to eat healthier meals have created a stir.

At Cabell Midland High School they have been making meals from scratch for a while and were actually ahead of the game when it comes to serving healthier meals.

Monday many students said didn't mind the taste of the food. Most of their trays were full as they went through the line. But the school's principal, David Tackett, said the calorie restrictions don't have enough flexibility. Federal guidelines say high school students can only be served between 750 and 850 calories for lunch.

"Sometimes we have seniors like a big football player who needs extra calories," Tackett said. Then you have a young freshman with a totally different body style and energy demands and the meals don't always fit what each student needs."

Linda St. Clair with the West Virginia Office of Child Nutrition said student athletes should eat those extra calories throughout the day not just at lunch.

"It is true that four or five chicken nuggets aren't very filling and the school can't provide them ten to twelve chicken nuggets, so they are depending on them taking different choices from the line," St. Clair explained.

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