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Restaurants implement e-menus

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Local restaurants are switching from paper to electronic menus.

Tidewater Grill and The Chop House in Charleston replaced their traditional menus with tablets. Tidewater Grill implemented the change two weeks ago, but The Chop House started using the devices almost two months ago.

"It's high technology, but it's built for the customer to enhance their dining experience," said Tim Kirby, the general manager of The Chop House.

Kirby said the tablet slashes printing costs because both restaurants printed new menus daily. Patrons can view all their meal options with pictures and prices. They can also see what wines or desserts accompany certain entrees.

People said they're receptive of this recent restaurant receptor.

"It just makes dining more convenient," said Jason Layn, a shopper at Charleston Town Center. "People would rather punch in their order and see food at the table."

"The only thing that concerns me is people who aren't used to a pad may have difficulty trying to find where the entrees are," said Emily Doss, a customer at Tidewater Grill. "It was tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's neat."

But could these devices eliminate that customer-waiter relationship, the interpersonal element of the dining experience? The manager of Tidewater Grill said: "Doubtful."

"People want to come and be served," said Keith Jackson, the manager of Tidewater Grill. "I don't think it will ever replace the servers. Service is what makes Tidewater, Tidewater."

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