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Finding A Family: Charlie's Story

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Ten-year-old Charlie loves basketball, wrestling and baseball.

"What does it feel like when you hit a baseball like that?" I asked him. "Like butterflies in my stomach," he said. "Afraid it's going to hit me but it doesn't. I was feeling like I really want to hit this ball."

Charlie loves Mexican food, video games, and has a vivid imagination. "What are some of the things you like to imagine?" I asked him. "Wizards!" he said with a smile.

He may get that imagination from his love of Goosebumps books and Harry Potter, but there's something he wishes he didn't have to imagine.

"If you had one wish to make what would it be?" I asked him. "To go home with my family."

His other wish is to be rich.

"What would you spend your money on?" I asked him. "A corvette, a mansion, Xbox 360, famous clothes, going out and getting girls and all that." "Girls?" I asked him. "You're 10 years old and you want girls?" He nods and smiles. "Don't they still have cooties at this age?" I asked him. "Nah!"

Charlie also imagines what his perfect family might be like. "Oh, a nice family, like a big brother or big sister, three medium brothers and one small brother." "So you want a big family," I asked. "Yeah!"

He also wants a "nice" mom and a "buff" dad. "Why do you want a strong dad?" I asked him. "So he can keep me safe and all that," Charlie said.

You can't help but to be happy when you're around Charlie. He's a fun loving kid, with a big heart and imagination.

"What would it mean for you to find a family?" I asked him. "Like very happy," he said with a smile. "Looks like a world of gummy bears!"

If you're interested in adopting Charlie, or any child in the Mountain State, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL MWV. Or you can send an email to

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