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Fires destroy 2 homes in same neighborhood, family homeless

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One neighborhood has seen two homes go up in flames within the past 12 hours.

The first fire happened at a house on Barton Street late Tuesday night.

Three adults and two children were home when it happened but managed to escape with minor injuries.

Neighbors told 13 News they are devastated something like this happened to such nice people.

Debbie Mitchell lives down the street and said she rushed down as soon as she saw the flames. She said the children are like her own children.

"My heart went out. I mean, it really broke my heart. It really did. It makes me cry to see this house burned down like this," she said.

The family told firefighters they had a portable hot plate on at the time of the fire but investigators have not been able to locate it. They said the fire is not suspicious, though.

Captain Ken Tyree said they believe they know where it all started.

"We have it to the living room as the primary place of origin of the fire," he said.

Tyree said fires are extremely common this time of year.

As a part of Fire Prevention Week, the department is reminding people to be careful whenever they use their heating units, which is the biggest cause of fall and winter fires.

Mitchell said the neighborhood will do whatever it can to help the family that lost everything Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, another fire broke out at a house on Stewart Street, right around the corner from Barton Street.

Investigators said they think a heating unit was to blame. The man who lived at that house also lost everything.

Even though two houses were ruined, Tyree said it's amazing no one was seriously injured.

He said both houses had working smoke alarms.

People that do not have working smoke alarms can pick one up at any of the Charleston Fire Department stations.

The Barton Street family told 13 News they are staying with family in Dunbar.

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