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State GOP platform to include Voter ID proposal

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Members of the West Virginia Republican party laid out their platform Wednesday, which will include a simplified tax structure, an overhaul of the education system, changes to the state legal system and improvements to road and waterways. 

One of their proposals is a state voter ID law, requiring voters to show an ID before casting a ballot in elections. 

"No one is disenfranchised or prevented from voting," said Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha). "The people of West Virginia want to see a secure electoral process in our state and this is one step that we can do to make sure that takes place."

Armstead, while laying out the party platform, said state schools need to guarantee students spend 180 days in a classroom. 

"One thing we need to do is add a little flexibility to the counties calendar," said Armstead. "If they need to start a little earlier or start a little later, they have flexibility to do that."

Armstead said one of the biggest problems with reaching the 180 day benchmark is teacher contracts. 

"They're saying 'we cannot go beyond certain days.' That's an impediment that can be changed."

Armstead called the education system one of the most over regulated in the nation. The party also would ask recommendations from the schools audit report be followed through. 

Armstead said that Republicans will fight to do away with equipment and inventory taxes along with homestead taxes. They will seek to create an intermediate court of appeals. 

Speaking about funding for roads and waterways, Armstead claimed the state has "the most antiquated system." He called for a more modern funding structure. 

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