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Lighthouse lifted into place at Summersville Lake

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Summersville Lake is a popular vacation spot for many people in West Virginia and the surrounding area. Soon visitors will be able to get a view of the lake like none they've seen before.

Students from technical schools are recycling a wind tower and turning it into a light house that will overlook Summersville Lake. Welding students worked on the steps and other students made the floor and the frame.

Wednesday was a special day for those involved in the project as they watch the lighthouse be put in place. It was a slow and technical process. "Where our pins lined up on the jacks at the bottom of it and at the top, they are just now centering up the lantern room and just unclipped the pins, so she is now free standing," said Steve Kelbesh with the Summersville Lake Retreat.

The tower is 104 feet tall and is made to be a correct, full-scale working lighthouse.

Keblesh hopes to attract tourism to the area, including attracting the attention of Boy Scouts who will be swarming the area in 2013 during the National Boy Scout Jamboree.

The 100-foot tall lighthouse is designed to be authentic, including a 36,000 lumen working light for the top.

The 128 steps of the lighthouse will have plaques commemorating donors to the project. For donations of $500, once can secure a plaque in the lighthouse. Those donating $5,000 or $10,000 will earn, respectively, a landing plaque and a gallery deck plaque.

Several opportunities to purchase the plaque remain.

The grand opening is set for June 20, 2013, West Virginia's birthday.

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