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President Obama Campaigns in Athens, Ohio

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Four years ago, President Barack Obama won the Buckeye State. On Wednesday, Oct. 17 he tried doing it again by speaking to a crowd of nearly 14,000 Ohio University students.

Hours after the second Presidential Debate, President Obama was back on the campaign trail in the swing state of Ohio and voters say they're excited to see the campaign trail heating up.

"So far, it's going real well," said Marlin Griffin of Gallapolis, OH. "He got a lot of momentum after last night. I think it's going to carry him all the way through."

Mr. Obama spoke to college students, he emphasized how under his leadership, he'll keep the banks away from student's pocketbooks, when they're still trying to afford student loans.
"Let's stop giving banks and lenders billions of dollars as middle men for the student loan program," said President Obama. "Let's cut out the middle man and give the money directly to students.
While student loans were on the minds of many others were worried about jobs and President Obama's stance on clean energy.
He says his opponents view on coal mining isn't what's portrayed in his commercials.
"When he was a governor, he stood in front of a coal fired plant and said 'this plant kills people.' Now he's talking like he's Mr. Coal. You know that's not on the level. Does anybody look at that guy and think he's really into coal?

Election Day, across the country, is November 6.

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