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Women turn out in droves on Election Day

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Cindy Keely of Charleston told 13NEWS, "I think when women put their minds behind something, it is a powerful thing." 

That's just what happened at the polls on Election Day this year.   

"I think if people get together and organize, a lot of voices are a lot stronger and more persuasive than one," said Stephanie Hyre of Charleston. 

This time around, those voices in many parts of country went to re-elect President Barack Obama. 

Obama enjoyed an 18-point gender gap nationwide and won several key swing states including Ohio where he led by 12 percent among women. 

In Pennsylvania women preferred the Democrat over Republican Romney by 16 percent. 

The women I spoke with today in West Virginia say it's not ALL about political affiliation.  "I'm not really surprised that a lot of people came out to vote, especially women," said Keely.  "There seem to be some hot divided issues, and it seems that regardless of political affiliation or religion, they seem to have just come out in droves, regardless of who they came out to vote for."

Others say at the end of the day, it does come down to politics. 

"I feel like a lot of women were pretty concerned about their reproductive rights and felt like the opposing candidate was not very supportive of those rights," said Hyre. 

"If it's true that women we're the deciding factor, then I think that's fantastic.  There are definitely a lot of issues on both sides that women should really be paying attention to," said Jennifer McGee of Charleston. 

According to many polls, women have a higher turn-out rate on Election Day than men.

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