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'Dice' tags the city of Charleston with graffiti

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The word 'Dice' is popping up all over the city of Charleston, and Charleston Police are not amused.

Police believe 'Dice' is a nickname for the person responsible for the destruction.

"I've got to pull one of our top investigators out here to investigate Mr. Dice who has nothing better to do then to destroy people's property trying to make himself famous. We'll make him famous when we drag him across the street," said Sgt. Bobby Eggleton, Charleston Police Detective.

The vandal is targeting places all over the West Side of town, including abandoned houses, the Health Net Building, and the Salvation Army.

"We really want this to stop. We want people to understand we are trying to help people," said Captain Aaron Goldfarb, Salvation Army.

Goldfarb said the Tennessee Avenue building was tagged first. The WesBanco Bank across the street was next.

He said the graffiti made them worry about some of the vans on their property.

They ended up moving some of their vehicles to their Mary Street location. 'Dice' struck again and spray painted the Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Canteen vehicle.

The damage around town is worth thousands of dollars.

Goldfarb said it's the worst time of the year for something like this to happen to an organization that's trying to get into the Christmas spirit.

"We are trying to get toys together and package them all up and we're doing this, but we need to get this taken care of and we need the vandalism and the tagging to stop today, he said.

Eggleton said they are confident they will catch the vandal soon.

"They think it's harmless. It's not harmless. It costs thousands of dollars. It costs the city thousands of dollars to clean it up. It's an eyesore to the public no matter where it's at."

There is some good news for the Salvation Army.

Someone has stepped forward and offered to fix the tagged vehicles for free.

Also, the city of Charleston cleaned up the graffiti on both Salvation Army buildings on Thursday.

Call Charleston Police if you know anything about the tagging around town at 304-348-6480.

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