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Election leads to sales bump at gun shops

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Saint Albans Guns and Archery owner Jeff Beane proudly displays a collection of weaponry dating back to the civil war. 

Since Wednesday morning, Beane has had an influx in business. His customers, though, aren't coming in for a history lesson. They're coming for assault weapons.

"The fear is that they're going to be extinct," said Beane. 

Beane had a three week supply of assault rifles. All but one sold Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Gun shops across the Kanawha Valley spikes in assault weapon sales since the morning after the election. Customers say they're stocking up, fearing the government will soon ban them. 

In a recent statement, National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne LaPierre called President Obama "anti-Second Amendment." Customers outside Cabela's in South Charleston say it's worried them enough to shop for assault weapons. 

I want to get it while I can get it," said Joseph McCormick. "They're going to take what they can." 

The past four years have been relatively light on gun legislation, but plenty of Beane's customers fear it won't stay that way. It was the same way at the last election. 

"This has been much busier than it was four years ago," said Beane. 

Beane said he has had trouble finding extra weapons and ammo. His plan before the next election is to buy up all of the assault weapons he can find.


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