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Man charged with kidnapping, assault and armed robbery against paralyzed man

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A Dunbar man has been charged with committing crimes against a paralyzed man.

Cody Taylor, 22, of Dunbar has been charged with kidnapping, assault and armed robbery.

The victim, Ralph Gillenwater, also from Dunbar, told authorities that he was traveling on 16th Street in Dunbar when his motorized wheelchair quit working.

According to the criminal complaint, Gillenwater was approached by Taylor who offered to push him home.

According to the statements, Taylor pushed Gillenwater to Taylor's grandmother's home. Taylor then unbuckled Gillenwater from his chair and carried him into the home.

Taylor then proceeded to carry Gillenwater into a bedroom where he then told Gillenwater to empty his pockets.

According to Gillenwater, Taylor began striking him in the face as he emptied his pockets. Glillenwater then gave Taylor his prescription of xanax and about $57 in cash.

The criminal complaint states that Taylor's grandmother entered the room and told Taylor to stop hitting Gillenwater or she would call the police. Taylor then took out a large hunting knife, held it to Gillenwater's throat and threatened to kill him and his family if he contacted the authorities.

Taylor then carried Gillenwater back to his wheelchair and pushed him home.

Taylor told police that Gillenwater tried to sell him the xanax and that Gillenwater started swinging at him first.

Taylor is being held at South Central Regional Jail


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