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Lincoln County residents react to Thomas Ramey sentencing day

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It has been a difficult two years for people in Lincoln County, as their trust in public officials was broken by the 2010 voter fraud scandal.

Voters say it has been difficult trying to heal.  They say they felt like their votes did not count in the 2010 election.

Court documents indicate Former Lincoln County Commissioner Thomas Ramey Jr. Ramey, Former Sheriff Jerry Bowman, and Former County Clerk Donald Whitten "agreed that they would, together and individually, visit voters and seek to persuade them to vote absentee in the election.  The candidates further agreed that they would complete absentee ballot applications for voters."

But based on the number of registered voters, it seems like people's trust in the county government has been at least somewhat restored.

The county clerk says about 6,000 voters were registered in 2010.  In the election this month, about 7,100 people were registered.

People say they still can not believe that the 2010 election in Lincoln County was rigged.

"I couldn't believe it.  I was astounded," said Joyce Cook.

"I think it was wrong and he betrayed the trust of people here," said James Bloomer.

"We've been through a lot, because it's been somewhat negative and we've worked hard to try to get the voter's confidence up," said Myrl Gue, Lincoln County Clerk.

Gue says county officials have been working together to better the county and he believes there is absolutely no fraud in the most recent election because everything was watched more closely.


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