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Special Report: Training to protect

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13News reporter Alanna Autler experienced just some of the training that state police troopers undergo.

When you're shooting a loaded gun, time stops. Other than setting your sights, steadying your hand, and hitting your target, nothing else in the world matters. At least, that's what it's like on the range. But in the real world,everything matters.

That's why instructors at the West Virginia State Police Academy push their cadets through the most realistic training possible.

Police academies throughout the country are using VirTra, a hi-tech program in which instructors play out an interactive scene where you must react to whatever happens, on screens spanning 300 degrees.

In a world that often doles out violence unexpectedly and without reason, officers must make the right choice in a matter of seconds with little room for error. Their lives and the lives of innocent people--depend on it.

The number of assaults on police officers has been on the rise since 2009, according to statistics released from the FBI. That's why police said intensive training is absolutely necessary, considering this startling trend.

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