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Marshall Med Students Reach Out To Homeless

Marshall Med Students Reach Out To Homeless

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Huntington's homeless are getting free healthcare at Harrison Riverfront Park in Huntington.

Marshall medical students are stepping up, offering all kinds of services for free.

About 40 medical students cared for needy patients, administering blood tests, mental evaluations and even vision tests.

The Marshall mobile health outreach took care of about 30 patients and one of the organizers says they may have even saved someone's life this weekend.

"They were unaware of how high their blood sugar was and that's something that needs to be monitored very closely," says Caleb Huff, a fourth-year medical student, "so I think that we made a difference in that person's life today."

Organizers saw about 30 patients today, but they have time and resources to see several more.

The students are at Riverfront Park on the third Saturday of each month, unless it conflicts with major holidays.

In that case, it's moved to the second or fourth Saturday.


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