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Black Thursday?

Black Thursday?

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Black Friday is now more than just a day.

Thursday brought early openings, and lines of shoppers thankful for good food and sales on the same day.

"We'll have some family to bring us up some plates with turkey and dressing, and we'll eat them out here," says Dave Merritt,who has been camped out in front of the Best Buy at the Huntington Mall since Monday, "Yep, sometimes the family isn't be too happy that we're out here."

Merritt, a finance major at Marshall University, has been doing this for years. - Both last year, and today, he and his friends were first in line for the midnight opening.

That means they get the very first pick of the "door busters" - a limited number of items that are sold at unusually low prices.

Merritt, who studies money, says he does this more to spend time with friends, than to save money.

He says he doesn't even plan on saving much money today.

"Time value and money kind of break even, after I've been out here for five days... ...and by the time we buy all our camping equipment and cold weather gear, we probably break even."
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