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Forging friendships on Black Friday

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Thousands of people across the country and state participated in the Black Friday frenzy.

People started lining up outside big box retailers as early as noon on Thanksgiving Day.

They shared a common goal: get their bang for their buck. But in the meantime, they became cozy with the strangers standing next to them in line.

Samantha Fanciere met two women while waiting in line at Best Buy; they even left together for a quick break before doors opened at midnight.

"Yeah, we bonded with these two and now we're gonna walk and have a drink," Fanciere said. "We just met."

David Gyman may be in high school, but he found his kindred soul outside Best Buy.

So 13News quizzed him on new best friend, Tom.

"We just met today," Gyman said. "He's a gaming guru. I know that he used to live in Michigan."

Several West Virginia University freshmen brought extra lawn chairs, so they offered their seats to their newfound friends, two older women from Cross Lanes.

"I just know they want TVs and they like sitting down," said Joe Wong, a Charleston native. "We all are humans and we want TVs for a cheap price."

In return, Deena Wilson dished out some advice to the college students.

"I told them, 'Don't do things you can't take back,'" Wilson said. "I'm telling them from my own experience."

In the early hours before the doors open, friendships seal themselves. Black Friday's about more than just the gadgets, gizmos, and the goal. It's about the journey.

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