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Power outage affects 2900 customers, UC classes delayed

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According to Jeri Matheney with Appalachian Power, the company discovered additional damage. While they were able to switch around half of the effected customers to a different source, 1500 remain without power.

The estimate restore time is now 2 p.m.

When asked about security cameras, Matheney said they have been installed at several facilities in the past, but the cameras have been vandalized or stolen. "They have not been an extremely successful solution."

Power has been restored to the University of Charleston. Classes will go on as normal beginning at noon and continuing throughout the day.


According to Sgt. Eggleton with the Charleston Police Department, the vandalism was a copper theft.

No arrests have been made and so far there are no suspects.


According to AEP, the vandalism took place at the Chesterfield Avenue substation. Crews are working to restore electric service, but it will take a little longer than first thought.

University of Charleston classes are canceled and administrative offices are closed until noon. All faculty and staff are expected to resume their regular schedule at that point.


University of Charleston students will get to sleep-in a couple hours due to a power outage.

Dispatchers say the outage was caused by a break-in at the sub-station.

Classes are delayed until 10 a.m. Thursday, but all classes after that will be as normally scheduled.

According to dispatchers, 2900 customers are affected in the areas of Kanawha City and South Hills near Charleston.

The estimated restoration time is at 10:30 Thursday morning.

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