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Charleston teenager saves near drowning victim

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A teenager is being hailed a hero by some people after he jumped into freezing cold water to try and save a guy who accidentally fell in.

It all happened early Thursday morning.

Storm Riffle, 18, said Ed Russell, 44, accidentally fell into the Elk River.

The two men live in Charleston's Tent City, a place where homeless veterans and families stay.

Riffle said they look out for one another there.

When he saw Russell fall into the water, he knew he had to do something quick.

"He just fell right in there and a minute later, we were trying to figure out how we were going to get him out. I jumped in after him," Riffle said.

He said the struggle in the water nearly killed both of them.

"I was trying to keep his head above water and a few times, we had this rope trying to get on him but I just couldn't get the knot in there. So, I decided to pull him down there so the ambulance could go and get him right there," he said.

Russell was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center and remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

Riffle has no regrets about what he did and said he would do it all over again if given the chance.

Everyone is praying for Russell to have a quick and speedy recovery.

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