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Kanawha County thief caught on camera stealing from local business

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It's supposed to be the season of giving, but for one local business, someone is stealing from them instead.

Now, authorities are trying to find this real-life Grinch who could be responsible for other thefts in the area.

Cunningham Energy in Kanawha County said it has been dealing with a series of thefts.   The company is fed up.

A company spokesperson, who did not want to be named, told 13 News the thievery is adding up to thousands of dollars.

The worst part is that other businesses in the area said they are having similar issues, too.

"We have lost thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment, just from theft," he said.

It's not just equipment that's disappearing from the property either.

"We've had fuel missing. They've taken fuel out of the trucks, chains, anything really that's not nailed down as they say, comes down missing," he said.

The most recent crime happened last week.

This time it was all caught on camera, cameras that were installed with the hopes they'd scare potential thieves away.

In the video, a truck is seen pulling onto Cunningham Energy's property.

A man is seen getting out of the truck and stealing a 20 foot tandem utility trailer.

The company doesn't recognize the truck or the person in the video, but hopes someone that sees this story does.

"You think you take all of the measurements you can to defer this, then they come in. As you can see from the tape, they were so nonchalant just to walk around and spend 20 minutes down here like they own the place, hook to your unit, take off, and then you're out $3,000," he said.

Call the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department if you recognize the person or the truck in the surveillance video, or if you have had a similar situation happen to you.

The phone number is 304-357-0200.

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