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Thieves make off with 4000 pounds of copper from aluminum plant

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"Security guards need to be vigilant.  You never know who's coming in."

That's what State Troopers say Constellium guards had to learn the hard way over the weekend. 

Troopers say two men posed as contractors, lied to security guards, loaded up 4,000 pounds of copper, and made it two hours down the road before anyone realized the crime had been committed. 

"They know the rules and procedures that the guards used to get in the plant, obviously to be able to do it and they knew where the copper was in the plant," said Sgt. J.P. Murphy, of the West Virginia State Police.

This leads investigators to believe that the thieves had some sort of inside knowledge.  People who live in Jackson County agree.

"Well it would have had to have been somebody that they know or has worked there," said Sarah Fraley of Ravenswood.  "For them to get in there so easily, to just get in there and get that, it had to have been someone they were used to seeing or someone who had previously worked there."

Troopers aren't going as far as calling in an inside job.

Sgt. Murphy said, "I'd say it's someone who's been on the plant property, maybe for a legitimate reason before and knew how the plant operated."

Jesse Smith has ties to the plant, he says he's shocked the thieves got on or off plant property to begin with. 

"I just find it hard to believe because I used to work down there.  How you would even get out of the gate with something like that unnoticed?  I just find it hard to believe," said Smith. 

Police are looking for two Hispanic males.

They said the driver was around 6 feet tall and overweight and the passenger was described as shorter as and thinner than the driver.

The men were driving a white Ford F-350 with a long bed and tan trim.

Troopers said they wouldn't be surprised if the men attempt to recycle the copper at an out of town location.

Constellium officials said they have no comment on the matter.

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