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Scammers target seniors asking for cash to help grand kids

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Not much compares to the love a grandparent has for their grandchildren.

This month a grandmother from St. Albans found that her kindness was taken advantage of when she was contacted by someone who said her grandson was in jail and needed money wired to New York.

She ended up getting scammed for $2,400.

The St.Albans Police Department is investigating the scam preying on the hearts and wallets of seniors.

"She only discovered the error when another relative confirmed that the grandson was fine where they live in Virginia," said Captain James Agee with the St. Albans Police Department.

Captain Agee says it will be almost impossible to get that money back.

There has been at least one other call to the department about a similar call. They have also been getting reports of callers asking seniors to make payments on payday loans that they do not owe.

"I guess we think too much good of people and that people wouldn't do things like that," said senior citizen James Carpenter, Poca. "This time of year no one needs that heartbreak. It is hard on people and even harder on senior citizens and those are the people they attack mostly."

If you received one of these calls Captain Agee says you should not send money immediately.

Take an hour to check and make sure the call is legitimate by contacting relatives and other sources.

Always ask questions if you are being asked to send money to a third party.

And if you believe you have fallen victim contact your local police department or the Attorney General's office.

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