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UPDATE: Police make arrest after finding baby Jesus statue defaced

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Huntington police said Kameron Lambert turned himself in on Friday. He's been charged with petit larceny and destruction of property according to officers.




"Are you serious? A baby Jesus?"

"Wow, that's not right."

"To desecrate something like that is just unreal."

This is how people reacted when we told them how Huntington police found a stolen statue of baby Jesus.

Detective Chris Sperry said the figurine was found in an apartment on 4th Avenue in Huntington.

He said the images were so foul that he refused to show 13NEWS the statue. The demarcations include horns drawn on the sides of the statue's head, an upside-down cross, the numbers '666', the phrase, "I don't like you, God," and a drawing of a penis.

"Now you have someone who's defiled something that is sacred to people," said Joff Oliver.

On Thursday police identified Kamron Lambert as the man who stole the figurine out of a manger display on 5th Avenue last Friday. The displayed belonged to a McDonald's marketing office.

It's unclear whether Lambert also defaced the statue. But people said whoever did is a crook of biblical proportions.

"It's somebody who's trying to introduce Satan into this society, and we won't accept that," Oliver said.

"Me, being a godly man, that really ticks me off," said Terrell Parrish, of Huntington.

But we did find others who said the scribbles hardly bothered them.

"I don't think it's a terribly offensive thing," said Sidney Tweel, of Huntington. "I think it's a prank that got out of control."

Regardless, this vandalism also raises the question of whether it constitutes a hate crime.

"I think it's a hate crime against all who believe in God," Oliver said.

"I think it's free speech isn't it?" Tweel said. "I think that's a liberty not to like our God."

It seemed like others could barely digest the first sin in this saga.

"I'm done, I'm done with these people." Parrish said. "Who would steal a baby Jesus?"

If police prove that Lambert did deface the statue, he will be charged with destruction of property and larceny.

Police tried to confront Lambert tonight where he lives, but he wasn't home.

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