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West Virginia State Police see upswing in "big city crime"

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A brutal incident involving a woman being beaten and left along a muddy road has people in eastern Kanawha County concerned for the safety of the community.

Two people are behind bars and police say drugs may have been involved.

Among the fog of a dreary Sunday morning there was a sense of frustration among people living in the Witcher Creek area as yet another violent crime rocked their community. They say they believe drugs are at the root of everything.

"It is an epidemic," said resident Tommy Harper. "The prescription medications are bad and the narcotics and the meth."

Over the weekend police arrested Joey Jeffrey and his girlfriend Cindy Creathers. The pair are accused of abducting a woman, beating her and tossing her out of their vehicle.

"Violent crimes are commonly drug related crimes," said Sgt. L.G. O'Bryan with the West Virginia State Police. "These types of big city crimes are becoming all too common in West Virginia."

Harper has children and says the drug problem and related crimes in his neighborhood are upsetting.

"They have no consideration for people anymore," Harper said. "They will sell their soul for a pill. It is just awful."

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