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Teachers learning how to cope with Newtown tragedy

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Students and teachers returned to school Monday after a school shooting rocked the entire country.

Many teachers said they are glad to be back in their classrooms, but continue to cope with the tragedy in Newtown.

Janet Lutz teaches kindergarten at J.E. Robins Elementary. She said the news coverage has been difficult to watch because the victims are around the same age as the children in her class.

"Every time I was watching it at home, I just started crying. Because, I have 18 students in my class and I just thought that would be my whole class. It's hard," she said.

On Monday, the entire school participated in 'Christmas Around the World'.  Lutz said the fun activities helped everyone get through the day.

"I know this really does hit close to home for many of us, knowing that people in our ranks and in our profession were targeted," said Mrs. Ferguson, school counselor.

Librarian Krystal McConihay said she hugged many of her school children after she heard the news on Friday.

"I just think that it's important that we cherish every single moment and realize that you never know if this is the last moment you're going to have to speak something positive into their lives, and into my own child's life, and to make every moment count," she said.

McConihay said the school held a moment of silence Monday morning at the request of fifth grade students.

Teachers said this is not an easy thing to deal with, but they are offering each other support during this difficult time.

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