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Father questions security at East Bank Middle

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In the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary many schools in West Virginia are taking a closer look at security.

But Joseph Huff, who has three students in Kanawha County schools, wanted to see for himself if his kids were as safe as possible at school.

He paid a visit to Marmet Elementary, East Bank Middle School and Riverside High School Monday.

Huff said security was acceptable at the high school and elementary school but at the middle school where his son is a student he says he could hardly believe what he experienced.

Huff said he saw a door at the school propped open by a brick. He was able to walk right in without being questioned by anyone. He said he stood in the hallway without anyone asking him who he was or why he was there.

"I just went and stood there in the hallway to see if anyone recognized," Huff said. "I took pictures and everything then I just went right on down the hallway and asked for the principal."

Tuesday we paid a visit to the school to speak to the principal, Michael Wilkinson. The doors were all locked. Another visitor called the school office to ask that someone open the door.

"We do unlock the doors and put bricks in them in the mornings when the kids come in," Wilkinson said. "Unfortunately we have to do that due to the construction of the building. It was an oversight that it wasn't removed."

Wilkinson said construction at the school forced him to close the normal entrance, which is wired with a buzzer and security camera system to monitor who is allowed inside. Now visitors and students have to enter through side doors. Those doors do not have a buzzer but are supposed to stay locked.

"It scares me as a parent, not to mention in my position," Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson said they have been reviewing their security plan. But he adds that after this incident he is planning to double and triple check to make sure everything possible is being done to keep kids safe.

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