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Displaced homeowners to see reimbursement for Sissonville gas explosion

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The families that lost homes in last months natural gas explosion are still calling hotels and rental properties home. 

But NiSource and Columbia Gas representatives are slowly beginning the process of reimbursing the homeowners. The total cost has not been tallied, the only estimate available ranges "into the millions." 

Sonja White and her sister were inside a nearby apartment during the explosion. They were far away enough to avoid the heat and most of the damage but close enough to hear the loud noise that accompanied the ball of flames that filled their back yard.

"It sounded like a jet engine," said White.

White left her home in her pajamas and a coat, unable to return for warmer clothes or needed medication. She and her sister stayed with nearby family members. 

Columbia gas is working with their landlord to repair the damage but told White they would not be compensated for their time away. 

"I don't think it's fair. We were displaced for those two nights," said White.

Other homeowners say they have not heard from Columbia Gas in weeks. 

"I hope I never have to go back," said Margaret Johnson. 

The siding on her home was melted in the explosion. She has been staying at an area hotel and refuses to return to the home. 

NiSource representatives are expected to be in Sissonville next week talking with homeowners about the reimbursements. 

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