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Students attending class at churches while gas line is repaired

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A building typically used as a place of worship is taking on a whole new purpose for kids in Jackson County.

Workers at Ravenswood Grade School were replacing a worn out gas line on the property Tuesday.

School officials said they're airing on the side of caution when it comes to keeping kids safe.  "Knowing that people are very sensitive to what recently happened, better safe that sorry," said Superintendent of Jackson County Schools, Blaine Hess. 

Hess is referring to the explosion in Sissonville last month.  

He says this gas line did not pose the same threat.  The line is not a high pressure, and is also much smaller in size.

Hess said repairs to the old line just weren't holding up anymore and they were having trouble heating the school.  So workers are installing six hundred feet of a new line.

In the meantime, nearly 100 students will be attending class at First Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist, and Praise Cathedral, all within a couple miles of the school.  

Everything the students need to have a normal school-day is being transferred over to the churches.

"We have an opportunity here to serve, an opportunity to open our facilities and be a blessing which is what we'd want to do," said Eric Reeder, pastor of Praise Cathedral.

For the congregation at this church, it's about helping out when they're needed.  Reeder told 13NEWS, "When a problem like this happens in our community, we're glad that we can step in and serve in a way that can act as a solution to that problem.

Hess said buses will run as normal, and breakfast and lunches will still be available.

He also added that the best case scenario is to have the new line put in by Friday, but it could take as long as next week for the work to be completed.


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