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West Liberty Senior Invents Bluetooth Necklace

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It's a new hands free, and fashionable way to use your Bluetooth! It was created locally by West Liberty University Senior Hugo Andreini.

The Bluetooth necklace is called Auranova and some designs even feature Swarvoski crystals. Hugo says he and his business partner have been working hard on the idea for the past year.

He tells us Auranova addresses the need for a convenient hands free device, especially with new driving laws in effect.

"We found the best fit was to make it seamless," he says. "To integrate it into something that everybody already uses or is familiar with, which is a necklace. By taking out anything that made it look like a Bluetooth in the first place, we feel like it seamlessly integrates into everyone's daily life."

You can pre order your Auranova device today for $119 at kickstart.com, just search Auranova Bluetooth device. Hugo says pre-orders are expected to arrive in March.

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