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UPDATE: Violent Ravenswood fight leads to father's arrest

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It all started with a video posted on Facebook, for anyone to see.  It was a violent fight, recorded on a cell phone, by a Ravenswood middle schooler.  

The fight itself happened January 12.  

Ravenswood Police tell 13NEWS that while the fight is cause for concern, what they're more concerned about is that fact that a parent is standing around, egging the kids on.

13NEWS went back to Ravenswood on Thursday and discovered that a warrant had just been obtained for David Moore, father of one of the girls in the video.  

The warrant was for child endangerment.  

Police went door to door in the town asking neighbors where Moore might be.  

After a couple of hours of searching, he came into the Police Department himself.

"I didn't turn myself in," said Moore.  "I didn't even know I was in trouble.  I came up here to talk to these officers to straighten this thing out."

Moore claims he did not know he had a warrant for his arrest. 

Ravenswood Police say they will not tolerate violent behavior, especially when parents are involved.  They said they have a message for parents.

Ptl. Robert Knox of the Ravenswood Police said, "They are the ones who chose to have children.  So, it's their responsibility to see that the children are raised properly, cared for and protected."

Speaking to police, Moore added, "I couldn't grab that girl off of my daughter, she's a minor.  You guys [police] would have arrested me for grabbing a minor."

Police say it's about personal responsibility.  "You should intervene, and not only being a parent.  If an innocent person would have been driving by and saw children fighting, they should stop it," said Knox.  

Moore was arraigned in Jackson County court.

He posted $7000 bond Thursday night.  

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