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Kanawha County town experiencing more water problems

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Heavy rainfall and recent flooding has caused major problems for some areas.

It's also adding insult to injury in a town that's been battling water woes for years.

The town of Pratt is having problems pumping out water to residents.

On Friday, West Virginia American Water brought in a portable pump so people have water to drink.

Mayor Gary Fields said the Kanawha River is still experiencing high water levels. It has caused a major back-up in Pratt's aging water system.

"When you start pumping and drawing in, it sucks the debris and mud into the pipes. You can back flush it and clean it up but it won't last but ten minutes," Fields said.

The water treatment plant has been around since 1978. Fields said it will close down once the town finalizes an agreement with West Virginia American Water.

WVAW plans to supply water to Pratt's customers and shut down the existing water treatment plant.

Many people said they are excited to have more reliable water service available to them.

"I think it'll be great for the town," said David Evans.

Fields said the paperwork with WVAW is done. He said the matter will be presented to the Kanawha County Commission in February.

After that, people will vote on the issue. Fields said he does not anticipate a problem with people voting 'yes' to the agreement.

In the meantime, the portable pump will keep sucking up water until the levels go down.

"If it keeps continuing dropping like it is, we can probably go into a normal mode of operating with the plant," Fields said.

People in Pratt will need to boil their water until further notice.

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