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Residents prepare for extreme cold

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With frigid temperatures in the forecast for the days ahead many people are looking for ways to keep their home warm.

For some that means looking for ways to supplement a central heating system with space heaters.

For others that means stocking up on wood for wood burning stoves or fire places.

At the Lowe's in Charleston many customers stopped by Sunday to check out their options.

When it comes to space heaters, Assistant Manager Scott Morrison said there are several safety features on the devices but anyone purchasing them should read the instructions and pick the heater that best fits their situation.

"You definitely don't want to put it next to any curtains, any loose dust ruffles on a couch or anything like that," Morrison advised. "You don't want to plug it into an outlet that is overloaded with other things too because you can short out the heater or the electrical system in your house."

Morrison says it is also important to protect your pipes from freezing when temperatures dip into the single digits at night.

There are also products available to seal windows and doors to keep some of the cold air out, which makes keeping your home warm a little easier.

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