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Cold weather can put pets in danger

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With temperatures expected to dip into the single digits in the days ahead, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is warning pet owners to play it safe.

The group recommends that cats never be left outdoors in cold weather. Cats often seek warmth under the hoods of vehicles. So the ASPCA warns motorists to bang on the hood of their vehicle if there are stray cats in the neighborhood. This can alert the cat before you start the vehicle and prevent injury or death of the cat.

The ASPCA also warns that during snow events, dogs should remain on their leash. It can be more difficult for them to track scents and find their way home. Proper tags are also important.

If salts are being used on your steps, it is a good idea to wipe your pet's paw so that they do not consume the substance. There are some pet safe salts on the market. Antifreeze can also be deadly and pets should not be allowed to have access.

The group also reminds pet owners that very young and very old animals are especially vulnerable to the extreme cold. But if any pet is kept outside during the winter months they should have access to warm dry shelter. The animal's water source must also be monitored frequently to make certain it doesn't freeze.

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