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Protecting your car battery in cold weather

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"AAA, how may I help you?"

If you have been on the other end of that call, it could mean you had a dead battery. When the temperature drops, the number of calls goes up for these AAA employees.

"What do you do to keep it from dying?" I asked. "Well, I make sure that I have my routine checks…I keep my car in the car port," answered Pauline Shaver.

AAA workers say people like Pauline Shaver have the right idea, when it's cold out, you have to take extra care of your battery-so you don't end up with a technician at your house.

"AAA warns you may need a new battery if your car takes too long when you crank it, your battery is more than 3-years-old, and check your lights-if your lights dim when you're idling, but brighten when you rev your engine, you may need a new battery," I explained.

Another common mistake people make...

"They want to go out and warm their car up before they take off for the morning and that actually takes more stress on the life of their battery," said AAA employee Christina Rollyson.

Albert Thompson Jr. says he doesn't take any chances when it comes to his battery.

"Yes, that's why I try to change it about every three years," he said.

Maybe that's why he and Pauline Shaver haven't had a dead battery in years.

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