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School bus routes altered in some part of Kanawha County

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School wasn't canceled in Kanawha County Thursday morning but some kids still had to stay home because the bus couldn't get to them.

Jenni Cobb lives in Clendenin. She said she put her son Scottie in the car to take him to the bus stop as usual around 6 a.m. She also had to get her 3 year old loaded up. They waited for the bus at their usual stop. But the bus never arrived.

When Cobb returned home with her kids she had an automated message from Kanawha County Schools letting her know that the bus would not be able to make it to the bus stop.

Bus driver Greg Jarrett drives a route in that area. He shared surveillance video of the snow covered roads early Thursday morning. He said bus drivers have to look out for other motorists on the road as well when the roads are icy. Students waiting by the road or crossing the road could be put in danger by vehicles that cannot stop for the bus.

Cobb said on mornings when school won't be canceled or delayed, she prefers that bus drivers play it safe. 

"All the turns and the ups the downs on this road and then people fly by, there is really not two lanes to this road, yes definitely," Cobb said.

School transportation officials said they usually try to make a decision very early in the morning about which routes they will not be able to run. Word got out a little later Thursday because the bulk of the snow didn't fall until around 4 a.m.

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