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Thieves target Chesapeake High School Athletic Complex, vandalize property

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In a time when money is already tight, one community is facing a new setback, totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars.

"See right here where pipes were?  All these holes have pipes in them.  They broke off the vent stacks and the drain plumbing," said carpenter Steve Powers.

After all was said and done, thieves made off with around forty thousand dollars worth of copper and other items from a brand new athletic complex at Chesapeake High School over the weekend.

"You're really stealing from students," said Superintendent of Chesapeake Schools Jerry McConnell.  "You're stealing from taxpayers, from all of the community members who have made a brilliant effort trying to get this complex completed."

Powers has been working on the complex for months.  

He says these thefts aren't just a setback for the kids at the school.  "It's going to throw the job behind a couple of months and some of us are probably going to get laid off because of it," said Powers.

Officials said the job has basically stayed on track, until this point.  Now their goal of having the complex ready by Spring track meet season has been delayed.  

Powers says it's not just an inconvenience. 

He had a message for these thieves. "They need to stop and think about the food they're taking off of other people's plates.  You know we're all out here trying to make a living, feed our families.  They're in here destroying our work."


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